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Event Import Overview

Import events, tickets, and registrations from your legacy AMS.

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About Event Imports

Event imports in Novi allow you to add event details, ticket details, and attendee information to your Novi website.

These can include historical events that have already passed, or events coming up in the future that you have already begun collecting registrations for.

Doing an Event import along with your Member import is optional. Some associations choose to keep a record of their past registrations on their own to reference if needed. Other associations like the idea of seeing the information in Novi. Usually, if an event import is done, it is for larger or more impactful, recent events. 

Keep in mind that the import data will require review and formatting, just like the members data will, so while you could technically bring in every single one of your past events from 1972 to now, all of it will need to be formatted appropriately, so you'll want to weigh your options and availability to do so.

Generally, we've seen that it's common for associations doing an import to bring in a few of their larger events, or perhaps the last 6 months to a year of events.

Note: You don't need to do an import for upcoming events that you do not have any registrations for yet. You'll be able to add the information into Novi once the data import process is complete.

Tip: This information will make more logistical sense once you've had your Events training. If you have not and need to get started on setting up this import, please be sure to schedule that training or ask the Novi team for a recording of a previous training session.

What An Event Import Looks Like In The System

On the fence about doing an event import? Here is what an entry on the event attendee list may look like after an import:

What an import doesn't include:

  • HTML on the event descriptions

  • Notice that the Status column where the invoice or sales receipt number would show if the registration was done through Novi is blank. You won't see that registrations are tied to transactions from an import. (The transactions will still be in your system if they are in QuickBooks Online, you just won't see them looking at the event). The import just simply shows you that John Smith went to your event.

  • This also goes for new attendees that need to be billed/charged. An import will not charge them. It does not touch transactions in any way.

When Event Imports Occur

The event import is done and approved at the same time as your members import, and has the same deadlines for receipt of your formatted data. Once your Member data is approved, we move on to importing the Events, Tickets, and Registrations. Then, we will reach out to you to approve that they are correct. Once approved, any rollbacks or changes made to the database (by the Novi team) will incur an additional charge.

Please note that we will assist you throughout the import process, but you are responsible for exporting your data from your current system.

Setting Up Your Event Import

Event data is imported from three separate spreadsheets, depending on how much information you'd like to bring in about the event. For example, if you're just bringing in a list of past events hosted, you don't need numbers 2 or 3 below. However, if you want those events and all of the people who attended, you need numbers 1, 2, and 3.

Keep in mind when setting up your data that data import is very literal. When the system reads your data, things MUST match up. For example, you can't call your event "Big Event," but then when listing your attendees, say that they attended "The Big Event." More on that in the articles below.

Please click on the links below for information on how the event import functions.

  1. Event Information - The basics. This is details and info about the event itself such as where it was located, when it occurred, etc.

  2. Ticket/Registration Types - What ticket types and pricing were/are available to attendees? This can be as specific or simple as you want it to be.

  3. Registrations/Attendee Lists - Who went to the event?

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