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Email Syncs - N/A Status & Errors Explained
Email Syncs - N/A Status & Errors Explained

A guide to specific email sync N/A statuses and errors you may see within your Novi groups.

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Novi group email sync statuses provides transparency and power to know when an entire group, or a specific record within a group, can't sync over to MailChimp or Constant Contact and what to do about it. This allows for fast sync troubleshooting and (bonus!) keep your member's email data clean.

One important distinction to start with:

The difference between a sync status of N/A and an error.

  • N/A means that Novi hasn't attempted to sync the record for various reasons that are explained in this article.

  • A red error means that Novi sent the information to the email platform but it sent back an error or the record was marked as Do Not Send Marketing Emails on a record.

For the reasons explained in this article, it is very common and expected that the number of records in Novi groups and the number in the email marketing platform lists won't be an exact match.

Learn more about the specifics below!

When you see N/A, possible reasons include:

  • This member lacks an email address or is using a false email address.
    Novi only syncs over records from Novi that have an email address otherwise the email marketing platform wouldn't be able to send them anything! Email marketing platforms can also identify false email address (,, etc.)

  • This member's contact details have been skipped because another member is using the same email address.
    Novi only sends over one record if two or more records in a synced group are using the same email address. If both (or all) of the records using the email are people, Novi sends over the individual's record with the highest priority. If one record is a company and one is an individual, Novi always send over the individual. Learn how Novi handles duplicate email addresses here.

  • This group does not sync primary and/or beneficiary member emails.
    Seeing one of these errors means that the group settings (in the Integration tab) says not to sync over this record because you haven't selected the checkbox for the type of group member they are.

When you see a red error, possible reasons include:

Red errors can be a bit broader since many of the errors shown come directly from MailChimp or Constant Contact. While we can predict some of these errors, the list below isn't definitive.

Most of the time, the error can be resolved in the email marketing platform. Depending on the error itself, you may want to reach out to MailChimp or Constant Contact support for further information on an error.

NOTE: As the errors come from the email provider, the list below will be updated when new/different errors are identified. If you receive an email sync error that's different from the ones listed below, please let us know and we'll add it to the list.

Unsubscribe, Bounce, Compliance, etc. Errors

These types of errors mean that something about the record's status inside the email marketing platform isn't allowing it to sync. It could be that the contact is on a bounce list for an invalid email address or just generally is not being accepted by the platform for one reason or another.  

To troubleshoot these general errors, please check the record inside of MailChimp or Constant Contact to see their status within the platform.

  • MailChimp: There was a problem syncing this member to MailChimp. (Member email) is in a compliance state due to unsubscribe, bounce, or compliance review and cannot be subscribed.

  • Constant Contact: This member's contact info failed to sync to Constant Contact. This most likely happened because the contact has been unsubscribed in Constant Contact. Please visit Contact Contact and check the "Activity Log" for further details. If you don't think this is the issue, you'll also want to check their permission level - it should be "Express" (not "Implied").

Merge Field Errors

Merge field errors occur when audience fields/merge tags, specifically for MailChimp users, have been manually edited in the MailChimp Settings > Audience fields and *|MERGE|* tags section. 

  • These errors may appear as a simple statement on groups like "Your merge fields were invalid" or as a more complex error showing exactly which merge field needs to be updated/removed.

  • If there is an error pertaining to merge fields, navigate to the section mentioned above in MailChimp and delete the offending field.


  • The merge fields Novi adds data to are first name, last name, email, and company.

  • The system looks for a set of simple "text" values from merge fields (besides email of course), like the "FNAME" and "LNAME" fields that are synced over from Novi.

  • While additional "text" merge fields are okay to add, adding complex merge field types like "ADDRESS" can cause discrepancies in what the system (Novi) is looking to sync with.

  • Any additional merge fields added should be in text-format only, if necessary, but we highly recommend against editing or adding any merge fields, as Novi should be the system of record for all other information.

Errors From Deletion (Lists, Interest Groups, API Key, etc.)

API Key Deletion in MailChimp:

  • If your API Key (what connects Novi to MailChimp) is deleted within the platform, all groups will show an error.

  • The API key would need to be re-created and updated in Association Settings so the connection can resume.

If the main Novi AMS Audience is deleted in MailChimp: 

  • The Novi AMS list/audience does not exist in MailChimp and we were unable to create it. Please make sure the Novi AMS list/audience exists in MailChimp and try again.

  • To fix this, create an Audience in MailChimp called Novi AMS.

If a Novi AMS Interest Group (in MailChimp) or the list (in Constant Contact) has been deleted:

  • MailChimp: Can't sync list because the MailChimp interest group with ID X has been deleted. Please re-save the group to clear this message, or toggle the sync back on if you would like this group's contacts to continue to sync to MailChimp.

  • Constant Contact: Can't sync list because the Constant Contact group with ID X has been deleted. Please re-save the group to clear this message, or toggle the sync back on if you would like this group's contacts to continue to sync to Constant Contact.

As mentioned in the error, you'll need to turn the email sync toggle to ON again in the Novi group Integrations tab to allow the sync to re-create the Interest Group/list. These errors would more likely be seen on the Novi group as a whole, rather than for a specific record within a group.

Note that you should not see an error if you've simply renamed an Interest Group or list - only if it has been deleted.

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