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Roundtable: Ecommerce Best Practices
Roundtable: Ecommerce Best Practices

May 25, 2021 Week of Novi Roundtables

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During this roundtable, Novi customers shared how they use Products and Ecommerce, as well as discussing best practices and Q&A including the types of products our customers are selling, shipping, custom fields, and more!

Novi customers are using Ecommerce for a wide variety of products, both tangible and intangible. Some examples are:

What's Worked Well?

The American Association of School Personnel Administrators (AASPA) sells both physical and intangible products in their store. They have anywhere from 150-250 books available for purchase, as well as Career Center job postings, and a recertification application.

To promote the products, AASPA highlights two to three products that they want to sell. Then they create a blog post that highlights those products, linking back to the store. The blog can then be featured on the homepage for greater visibility. In addition they have a "book of the month" they promote via their blog!

The Career Center product is sold through their Ecommerce store. The product is set up with custom fields related to collecting information about the job posting, and once a purchase is made the AASPA staff posts the listings using Novi's blog functionality.


Make your Products stand out from the crowd by adding an image to the product! Check out AASPA's Book Store for a great example of using images with products.

Custom fields can be added to Ecommerce products to collect important information needed (T-Shirt size, anyone?). These can be useful for collecting information if you're using Ecommerce for Award nominations, Career Center job postings, and more!

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