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Roundtable Recap: Get Ready for Renewals
Roundtable Recap: Get Ready for Renewals

August 31, 2022

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At this roundtable, Novi customers shared their top tips for incentivizing members to renew in a timely manner! Additionally, we dove into best practices for communication and how to experiment with new renewal strategies.

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Key takeaways from the roundtable:

Switching to Calendar Renewals:

  • Switching to calendar renewals can save countless hours of your team's time. Why work on renewals perpetually when you can knock them all out once per year?

  • Members can be surprisingly cooperative during this transition. Just make sure that you communicate the benefits of this change (for example, their annual budget will be easier to organize).

  • Use proration to accommodate members who join shortly before renewal season.

Communicate Early and Often:

  • There's no such thing as overcommunication when it comes to dues!

  • Don't rely on email alone. Notify members of upcoming renewals at as many touchpoints as possible (including the Novi alert bar).

  • Have fun experimenting with verbiage. Don't be afraid of casual, playful subject lines (e.g. "RE: Are you breaking up with us?" or "RE: Did you know your membership just expired?").

  • Create a Novi group of all members with open dues balances. After that, sync this group with your email marketing platform to craft messages for anyone falling behind on dues.

Keep Your Board Updated:

  • Consider creating a Novi directory of members with open balances. Then, limit the visibility of that directory to your staff and board. This allows stakeholders to privately stay caught up on which members haven't paid!

Renew Your Process Every Year:

  • Don't stick to the same strategies every year! Try something new during each renewal season. For example, shake up your language in emails or experiment with new discounts to reward loyal members.

  • After reinventing your methods, record your process in Novi Notes.

Run an Audit of Who Is Missing Primary and Billing Contacts:

  • Create a report of all members whose primary or billing contact field is empty OR null, ideally before renewal season.

  • That way, you can ensure your team has accurate contact info before sending out renewal-related messages!

Even though this roundtable is over, you can continue the conversation! Make sure to join Novi Exchange to brainstorm with your peers.

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