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Ecommerce Subscriptions

How to view and manage subscription orders in Ecommerce.

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Novi's Subscription section of Ecommerce allows users to view and manage subscription orders.

If you need to create a subscription product, please reference Create a New Product in Novi or Import existing products from QuickBooks Online.
Go to Ecommerce > Subscriptions to view the list of subscription orders. Active subscriptions are displayed by default.

Search subscriptions by subscription number, purchaser, product, or billable party.

Filter Subscriptions

Subscriptions can be filtered using the Filter button at the top of the page. Options to filter by include:

  • Products

  • Canceled

  • Payment Status

Visible Columns in the Subscriptions list:

Additional list view columns can be added via the gear icon (on the right side above the list). Refer to this article for the complete list of available columns: Available Columns in List Views & Exports

Open Transactions

When turned on in the list view, only open transactions are shown and the column includes total unpaid amount and invoices linked underneath. Sales receipts and paid invoices will not be displayed in this column.

If an unpaid invoice with a subscription line item has other line items on the invoice, the Open Transactions column displays the overall invoice total, not just the specific subscription amount.

Updating the Subscription End Date

The end date of a subscription can be modified if needed. In the Subscription End column, click the pencil icon to edit the date.

Auto-Renew Settings

This column indicates whether the subscription has Auto-Renew enabled. Users can change this by clicking the icon in the column.

Action Column

There are two options available in the Action column: Cancel Subscription and Audit Log.

  • Cancel Subscription allows users to cancel the subscription.

  • Audit Log allows users to view the audit log of the subscription order.

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