What is the Daily Digest?

The Daily Digest is an email notification that's automatically generated and sent to the main email contact we have for your organization. 

If you're not sure which email address is receiving the Daily Digest, it's the same email that is set up to be the "from" email for all of your transactional emails. If you need to change the recipient email, please contact us with the new information and we'll get that updated for you!

When is the Daily Digest sent?

Since the Daily Digest email only includes applicable information, it's not actually sent every day. On the days it is sent, the email goes out at 8:30AM EST.

What information is in the Daily Digest?

When applicable, the following information will be included in the Daily Digest email:

  • Members expired yesterday

  • Recent Signups

    • More info on the Recent Signups list

    • The "Recent Signups" section of the Daily Digest email will not include signups that were completed by an admin on the backend.

    • It will include new dues-paying members, inheriting members (even if their parent company is pending approval), and individuals who created a user account (this could include expired members, prospects, and even non-members if your settings allow it).

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