Your Association Settings are where you manage your organization's contact information, some brand elements, enable or disable select features, and set the defaults for your members' experience and interaction with your website.

To access Association Settings:

  • On the backend of your site, click the gear icon (top right).

  • In the drop-down menu, under Settings, click Association Settings

  • A new window will pop up with a navigation menu of settings for your organization.

Learn more about each of the tabs below...


  • Novi Tip: If you copy/paste your verbiage into either alert, be sure to paste as text!


  • Update your organization's logo, name or abbreviation, contact information, and time zone.

  • Add or update the social media links listed in the footer and on the Contact Us page on your website.

  • Update or add recipients for Daily Digest emails.


  • Update the name, tagline, and default featured image of your Blog pages.

  • The URL prefix may also be updated, but a note of caution as changes could result in broken site navigation, as well as bookmarked or saved links. If your organization is needing to update the URL, consider using 301 redirects to avoid navigation errors. *Note: Similarly, updates to the URL prefix for Membership, Events, or Ecommerce should be done with caution.


  • Change the default featured image for your website membership pages, if your site template uses featured images. This image will display throughout the member directory pages.

  • Customize your Member List Stage by adding a custom field to be summed and displayed among member type summary information. Only numerical fields, like unit count, number of employees, etc., will be available here.

  • Includes settings for the Member Directory and Member Compass (see below).

  • Utilize the Contact Form Limit setting to limit the number of messages a user can send via the member-to-member contact form. The system will check a few different identification points for users to enforce this limitation.


  • Update the title and default featured image of your Events pages.

  • The URL prefix can be updated in this section. Note: Changes here will update the URL for your organization's Events page and could result in navigation errors for site visitors.

  • Choose to display (or not) your event Cancellation Policy. To review or update the verbiage on your organization's cancellation policy page, go to:


  • Update the title, tagline, and default featured image of your product pages.

  • The URL prefix may be updated from here. Note: Changes here will update the URL for your organization's Ecommerce store and could result in navigation errors for site visitors.

  • Include or change the email address to receive new order notifications from your website. Note that only one email address can be entered in this field.

Static Content

  • Update the Logo Target Link for clicks on your organization logo. The default is your organization's homepage. *Note: This will update throughout your website. A click on your logo from any page it is displayed on will follow this target link.

  • Change your Favicon image. This must be a .ico file. If you need to convert a .png to a favicon, try using a site like

  • Change your Apple Touch Icon image. Recommended size is 180x180 with square dimensions and transparent background, and a .png file type.

  • Upload new featured images for your Contact Us page, Home Page Sponsors section, and Default Top Featured image for static website pages.


  • Manage Invoicing Privileges for transactions made by website visitors (including member sign-ups, product purchases, and event ticket purchases).


  • Add or manage your organization's Mobilize integration.


  • Add third-party platform code into the "head tags" or "body script" of your website.

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