The Recent Signups List is a great tool for admins to see who has joined their association. This can be found on the backend, in the Members section > Recent Signups.

There are two reasons members may show up in the Recent Signups section. These reasons help prevent duplicate data and give you transparency and control over your member management as an admin.

  1. When a user creates a new user account, so that you can check for duplicate records.
  2. When a new member signs up for membership.


Action Column

There are 3 different options you may encounter in the Action column:

Signups that appear with a "Clear" action:

  • Users who create a new record under a parent member already in your association's Novi AMS. These users will be non-members until their company is approved for membership. Admins will want to consider checking for duplicate records.
  • If your association settings allow non-members to create accounts, users who create a new non-member record and user account from the frontend will show in the Recent Signups list. Admins will want to consider checking for duplicate records before clearing them from the list.
  • Incomplete Signups are new prospective members who failed to complete the checkout step during new member signup. Since their contact information is now in the system, admins will want to consider reaching out to this lead.

Signups that appear with an "Approve" or "Deactivate" action:

You will see "Approve | Deactivate" next to new users and members who sign up for membership on your site. In addition to checking for duplicates, we recommend not approving members until their payment status is "Paid."

Items of note:

  • A record cannot be deactivated with an open balance.
  • If you do not wish to deactivate the record, and would rather them show as a Prospect in the system, simply navigate to their record and remove their Original Join Date, Membership Since Date, and Expiration Date. When you save the record, they will automatically show as a prospect and will be removed from Recent Signups. See below FAQs for more information.
  • Deactivating an individual's record will delete their login associated with their record. 

Learn more about deactivating records, or troubleshoot if you receive an error when attempting to deactivate a record.

Signups that never appear in the Recent Signups list:

  • Users who create an account & verify their identity with an email address already in your association's Novi AMS.
  • Users who have an existing non-member record in your association's database and create a user account login from the frontend. This type of signup is only possible if your association settings allow non-members to create accounts.


Transaction Info

The oldest open dues invoice will be displayed in the Recent Signups list (including open and overdue status). If there is not an open dues invoice on the pending member's record, the most recent transaction will be displayed (e.g. a sales receipt). 


Member Status Columns

You'll also notice a Member Status column and a Member Sub-Status column in the Recent Signups list. 

The Member Status column will show you the status of the record - whether they are currently a non-member, inheriting, current, etc.

The Member Sub-Status column will give more detail about the Pending status - records can be pending for two reasons:

  1. They haven't yet been approved.
  2. They are missing a relation to a member in a member type that they are dependent on.

Learn more about the different Novi Member Statuses here.



Why is my dues-paying member showing as "Auto-Approved?"

If a new member signs up for membership, but is showing as "Auto-Approved" rather than giving you an option to approve or deactivate, make sure that the settings on the Member Type are set to: Members > Member Types > Choose a type > Settings > Check box next to "New Members Require Admin Approval" > Save).

Why is the transaction number and payment status showing for a non-dues paying member?

If you notice that a non-dues paying member is showing with a transaction and payment status, these are related records to the new member. For example, the primary contacts who signed their companies up for membership or the new company record of the new individual member. This information is available to you on their line in Recent Signups so that you can easily see the payment status. 

Can I un-approve a member?

Yes! If you need to un-approve a member who has already been approved, this Educate article will walk you through the steps.

What if I want to keep my unapproved member in the system for tracking and don't want to Deactivate them? 

No problem! If you want to keep the "not approved" member in your system for tracking purposes, but don't necessarily want to make them inactive by deactivating them, all you need to do is convert them to a Prospect or Non-Member record. This will automatically clear them from the Recent Signups list without deactivating them.

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