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Adding and Setting Up Promo Codes
Adding and Setting Up Promo Codes

How to create and set limitations on promo codes.

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Promo codes are a great way to offer special discounts on your association's events, products, or membership!

Creating A New Promo Code

There are two ways to create a promo code...

For all types of promo codes:

1. From the Ecommerce section:

  • Select the Promo Codes tab.

  • Click the blue Add Promo Code button in the top right corner.

- OR -

To add a promo code directly to an event you have set up:

2. From the Events section:

  • Select the event you want to add a promo code to.

  • Click the New tab and select Promo Code, or simply select the + icon on the Promo Codes tab.

Once you have reached one of these sections and are ready to create your promo code, simply fill out the promo code's settings.

The Promo Code page defaults to only showing active promo codes. Use the Filter button to display inactive codes when review is needed:

Selecting The Discount

When setting the discount amount for your promo code, you have the option to choose between a percentage off or a dollar amount off.

If percentage, the percentage off will be applied to each applicable item in a transaction.

If dollar amount, a flat discount will be taken off the total. For events, note that this means the dollar amount your enter is taken off of the entire registration, not per attendee.

Types of Promo Codes

Promo codes can be used for events, products, or membership. They can apply to:


  • All Events and Products

  • All Events

  • Specific Event Categories

  • Specific Events

  • Specific Event Tickets


  • All Events and Products

  • All Products

  • Specific Product Categories

  • Specific Products


(For new and manually renewed memberships)

  • All Member Types

  • Specific Member Types

  • Specific Dues Rules

When creating a promo code, you must select only one option from the list above. For example, you could not have one promo code that applies to specific dues rules and also specific event tickets.

Items of Note:

  • Only one promo code can be used per transaction.

  • Membership promo codes do not apply to auto-renewals, only new memberships or manual renewals. Remember that when auto-renewals run, the transactions are automatically created with an amount based on the member type's dues rules, so there would be nowhere for someone to enter a promo code.

  • A product promo code can also be used during an event or membership checkout if an applicable product add-on is an option.

  • Recalculating an open invoice that has a membership promo code applied to it will remove the promo code line item, as you are telling the system to recalculate based on the current dues rules.

  • Once an admin uses a one-time promo code on the backend of the site for a customer, that particular customer will no longer be able to use the code. If the customer attempts to use the promo code on their own to purchase something on the frontend of the site, they will receive the message: "The promo code cannot be used anymore." Therefore, if the admin uses the code for the customer, it will no longer be valid.

Promo Code Limitation Settings

Learn more about promo code limitations - such as who can use promo codes and how many times in our Promo Code Limitation Settings article.

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