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Roundtable Recap: Sponsorships
Roundtable Recap: Sponsorships

October 20, 2022

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In preparation for the new year, Novi customers discussed their best strategies for attracting and retaining sponsors. Plus, we exchanged tips for setting up sponsorship products and event tickets in Novi.

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Key takeaways from the roundtable:

Reward Loyal Sponsors

  • Give your current sponsors first dibs on upcoming opportunities!

    • Leave new sponsorship product pages inactive until you've personally reached out to your most dedicated sponsors.

  • Consider creating Novi Groups for different sponsor levels. Then, open a sponsorship product page to more and more groups each week. This will allow high-level sponsors to grab opportunities first.

Experiment with New Opportunities Often

  • Distribute annual surveys asking sponsors to review the past year's opportunities. Which opportunities were most fruitful? Were there any options they felt were missing from your offerings?

  • Plan how you'll promote new opportunities to longtime sponsors.

    • Sometimes loyal sponsors struggle to adapt to new sponsorship levels or bundles. Communicate how experimenting with these new bundles will benefit them.

  • Try offering fully customizable sponsorship packages. If you separate every sponsorship opportunity into a unique Novi ecommerce product, sponsors can create a perfectly personalized bundle.

Make Prospectuses as Comprehensive as Possible

  • Your prospectus shouldn't only be about packages and pricing β€” it should be a representation of your association's brand and mission!

  • In your prospectus, specify which member types your association reaches during each event. That way, prospective sponsors can decide if your members match their target audience.

Balance Annual and Event-Based Sponsorships

  • Don't restrict yourself to either event-based or annual sponsorships! Annual packages help you build strong long-term relationships with sponsors. Meanwhile, event-based packages can attract valuable sponsors who simply have a smaller budget.

This roundtable may be over, but you can continue discussing sponsorships in Novi Exchange!

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