Item Sales Detail Report

See detailed sales data from QuickBooks tied to Member record data in Novi.

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About the Item Sales Detail Report

This report includes sales data from QuickBooks combined with membership details from Novi AMS. Sales are on an accrual basis, so they are counted when billed, not collected. For a cash basis report, please see QuickBooks’ Sales by Product/Service Detail report.

The Item Sales Detail Report includes:

  • Invoices

  • Sales Receipts

  • Credit Memos

  • Refunds

Note: The items shown in this report are all of the items available in QuickBooks Online. This is not specific to your Novi Ecommerce Products.

Viewing the Item Sales Detail Report

Main Report

To see the main report (which includes all member records by default, but can be filtered down to specific records), navigate to Reporting in the left sidebar on the backend and then click on the Item Sales tab.

Specific Member Record

To view the Item Sales Detail Report for a specific member, navigate to the Accounting tab on the member's record and then click on the Sales sub-tab.

Customizing the Item Sales Detail Report

By default, the report displays this month-to-date. Click the Filter button to change the report period, specific items, member types, and more.

Filters on the Item Sales Detail Report

  • Report Period

  • Date From / Date To

  • Items (Products & Services)

  • Member Type(s)

  • Member(s)

Filters When Viewing the Report on a Specific Member Record

When viewing this report on a specific member record, the Member Type(s) and Member(s) filters will not be included, and there will be an additional filter for:

  • Relationship Type

    • All Related

    • Member & Children

    • Member Only (default)

Display Columns

The default columns that display in the report are:

  • Item (Product/Service)

  • Date

  • Member

  • Quantity

  • Price

  • Total Amount

Additional columns can be added to the report by selecting them in the gear icon on the far right.

In addition to the columns regularly available in list views, these display columns are also available under the gear icon:

  • Details

    • Description

    • Date

    • Payment Dates

    • Final Payment Date

    • Member

    • Related Event

    • Related Products

  • Accounting

    • Transaction Type

    • Num

    • Memo/Description

    • Class

    • Department

    • Account

    • Open Balance

    • Overdue Balance

    • Open Dues Balance

    • Overdue Dues Balance

    • Billing Notes

    • A/R Paid

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