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What's New at Novi: Mid-December 2023
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Novi AMS regularly releases new enhancements - check out what's new below!

Quick Jumps:

🌴 Registration for Summit 2024 is Open

Novi AMS invites you to join us for workshops, group sessions, roundtable discussions, and opportunities to network and connect at our annual conference: Novi Summit!

πŸŽ‰ You Asked For It: Committees Module is Here!
Log Committee roles, terms, set conditions, pull reports, and more

Novi's Committee module is live! This feature was selected by participants at Novi Summit to be implemented by the Novi team and we've spent the last few months creating and perfecting Committees - allowing you to keep track of committee terms and roles, showcase committees on the frontend, and much more!

Give it a try and don't forget to register for the upcoming Committees Demo to learn all the ins and out of the feature! Thank you to our beta testers who have helped streamline these new features with their feedback and ideas.

πŸ’‘ Learn More: Start Here: Guide to Committees

Upcoming Demos & Roundtables

πŸŽ‰ Join Us to See Committees Functionality in Action on December 12!

Novi has been working hard to create a Committees module and we're excited to share a look at the new functionality. Join us on Tuesday, December 12, at 2:00pm Eastern as we walkthrough Committees together in a live demonstration!

Can't make the demo? We'll share a recording later here!

🧹 Join Us for Dirty Data Clean-Up Tips on December 19!

Our ever-popular data clean-up roundtable is back for 2023! Join us to leave dirty data behind and start 2024 with fresh, clean data!

Roundtables are attendee-driven with your ideas guiding the conversation. Join us on Tuesday, December 19, at 2:00pm Eastern and plan to participate by bringing your most pressing questions about how to keep data spotless!

Additional Groups & Committees Update

βž• Easily Add Association Staff to Committees & Groups
Custom Fields are no longer needed to pull staff into groups/committees

Custom fields have traditionally been used to identify Association Admins or Limited Association Admins of a Novi site to pull those users into groups. Now Associations Admins and Limited Association Admins can be pulled into a group and/or committee with a simple condition!

Functionality Updates

πŸ“ Infrastructure Updates Implemented by Novi AMS
A Note from Our Vice President of Product

In November, the Novi AMS engineering team completed dozens of improvements to our infrastructure and code base. The updates are wide-ranging, but you'll notice speed improvements on the frontend with your homepage, blog, static content, and events, as well as speed improvements in critical areas of the backend, like member lists for example. In addition to code improvements, they implemented service configuration and monitoring improvements.

βš™οΈ Sticky Columns Means Your Browser Will Save Columns Added from the List Views
This was a popular request to keep those columns in place while navigating Novi's backend

List Views have been popular since they launched, allowing customers to quickly bring in needed additional data columns to a variety of spaces across Novi's backend.

List Views is so well-loved that many asked to keep the chosen columns in place rather than having to re-add columns each time the backend space was refreshed...List Views have been enhanced to save those columns on a per browser/per user basis.

Bonus - Novi will also remember how many rows you like to default to and that can be reset when needed.

πŸ’‘ Learn More: Available Columns in List Views & Exports

πŸ”„ No Need to Recalculate When a Dues Rule is Made Default/Optional
Changing dues rules in a click as membership needs change

In the past, when a dues rule was set to be optional or default but later switched to the other setting, a recalculation was required to update the dues rule on open dues invoices.

Now, when Association Admins set a dues rule to be the opposite of what it was regarding being optional, open dues invoices will update automatically the dues rules to match the new setting.


πŸ’‘ Learn More: Setting Up Dues Rules

🧾 Sales Tax Not Charged on Out-of-State Website Users
Only charge in-state users sales tax without worry

If you choose the new "Do not charge sales tax for out of state transactions" setting, Novi will consider who the Purchaser is for a transaction and ensure that sales tax is only charged when those Purchasers live in the state that the sales tax rate is being charged for.

NOTE: We recommend consulting your accountant or bookkeeper to discuss if this can apply to you, and the tax rules in your area/state.

🚨 Google Analytics Reminder that Tracking ID Should Start with G-
Google Analytics No Longer Tracks UA- Numbers as of July 2023

Novi has updated the Google Analytics area of Association Settings to remind Association Admins that Google Analytics UA- numbers no longer provide analytic information and only G- numbers should be used for Tracking IDs.

Membership Update

πŸ“¬ Smart Renewals List Members' Names Who Renewed
Smart Renewals go one step further to name names

Smart Renewals list the names of members who were renewed alongside the new membership expiration date, renewal amount owed and due date to help eliminate those calls and emails asking who the renewing member is when a different member is paying!

Events Update

🌠 Add Images and/or Logos to Event Confirmation Email Content Areas
Make those email confirmation emails visually pop

Event confirmation emails can now have images and/or logos added to the confirmation content area by Association Admins!

Tip: Be cautious of inputting overly large images in this section. Email platforms will render the image the exact size that you enter it as, so you want to avoid using extra wide images specifically.

Note: For some events, users will register for multiple tickets at once and will receive a confirmation email with multiple ticket information - it may be useful to not repeat images when possible so users don't receive multiple identical images in an email!

πŸ’‘ Learn More: Event Email Examples

Reports Update

🚫 Exclude Current Members from Drop Report
Easily show the true drops in the Drop Report

The Drop Report captures data of any record that moves from a status of Current to any other status - and as Association Admins know, sometimes that change isn't permanent and actions are taken to reinstate a record to a Current status.

This new filter in the Drop report, which is now the default setting, makes it easier to exclude those records that weren't truly dropped from being included in drop data.

πŸ’‘ Learn More: Membership Drop Report

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