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Learn more about using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) feature in Novi AMS

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What is NPS?

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a measurement tool that provides insight into customer or member loyalty and satisfaction. Associations can use this feature in Novi to identify their biggest supporters as well as identify areas for improvement.

"Member engagement is not what members do... it's how members feel."

- Amanda Lea Kaiser

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How NPS Works

NPS is measured on the basis of a main question that individuals will score from 0 to 10.

"On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend our association to a friend or colleague?"

Based on their numerical responses from 0-10, individuals are classified into three categories:

  • Promoters (9-10)

  • Passives (7-8)

  • Detractors (0-6)

An overall NPS is calculated by subtracting the percentage of Detractors from the percentage of Promoters.


13 Promoters and 0 Detractors gives an overall NPS of 76 (76%-0%) in this example.

Once a baseline score has been established, association admins can work to improve their overall NPS score based on received feedback.

NPS surveys provide insight into the hearts & minds of individual members and a pulse on the entire membership.

How Responses Are Collected

Via Email

Admins can configure NPS survey settings (which we cover in more detail in the next section below). Once the survey is toggled to Active, the people in the selected Novi group(s) will be emailed the Main Question. Users can respond directly from their email - there is no login required!

  • Note: Admins can change the "From" email address and sender name, as well as the "Reply to" email address if desired. These options can be found in Association Settings. Learn more here: Default Email Address for Transactional Emails

Via Pop-Up

If an individual does not respond to the emailed survey, a pop-up will appear when they next visit the association website.

If users...

  • Provide a Score: They will receive one follow-up question based on their score range.

  • Close the Pop-Up: They will be shown the pop-up again in 3 days.

  • Select "Skip Survey": This instance of the survey will be skipped and they will not be asked again until the next round of survey responses is requested.

Establishing NPS Settings

The NPS feature can be configured by going to Members > NPS in the sidebar of the Novi backend and selecting the Settings tab.

Survey Group

  • Determine which individuals in Novi should receive the NPS survey.

  • Consider if the survey should be delayed and set a time frame (note: this will help ignore any individuals who may inadvertently enter a group briefly).

  • Set how often to re-send the survey to the individuals in the selected Novi group(s).

  • Given that companies don't have feelings, only people will be surveyed. As explained below in more detail, we will provide average NPS scores by company.

Survey Questions

Novi will suggest survey questions based on industry standards, but admins are welcome to adjust the text to match their association's tone.

  • Set a Main Survey Question. This question should be able to be answered on a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 being Not Likely and 10 being Likely.

    • Example: How likely would you be to recommend [Association Name] to another colleague?

  • Set a follow up question for Promoters (Score of 9+). This question will be an open text response.

    • Example: What aspects of [Association Name] do you value most?

  • Set a follow up question for Passives (Score of 7-9). This question will be an open text response.

    • Example: Can you share what we could improve or do differently to make your experience with [Association Name] even better?

  • Set a follow up question for Detractors (Score of 0-6). This question will be an open text response.

    • Example: We're sorry to hear that your experience isn't meeting your expectations. Can you provide specific feedback or areas where we need to improve to enhance your current experience with us?

Survey Emails

Novi's default text is available for survey emails or the text can be adjusted as needed.

  • Add a subject line for the NPS Survey Email.

  • Configure introductory text. Note: The Main Survey Question will be populated in the email after the entered text - there is no need to enter the question twice.

    • Example: Thank you for being one of our members. We’d love to know how your experience has been so far. We read each response - candid feedback is appreciated.

  • Determine if a follow up reminder should be sent to those who do not answer the survey after a week. Check the "Send follow up reminder if survey has no response for 7 days" box to enable this feature and a secondary email configuration will appear.

Admin Follow-Up

Novi can be used to create follow-up tasks based on survey responses.

  • Determine which scores should receive a task activity on the activity timeline for an association admin to follow up.

  • Check the box to select an admin to assign the tasks to for this score range.

Admin Notifications

Admins can be notified via email to receive notifications of NPS scores received within certain pre-defined ranges.

  • Determine which scores should be sent via email to admins and which addresses should receive those emails.

  • Check the box to reveal the input area and enter emails for this score range.

Post Survey Thank You Message

  • Configure messages that display to individuals after they have completed the survey.

  • Note: Consider carefully what to say to each score range (Promoters, Passives, Detractors) as these messages should be brief and concise.

Select Logo

  • Choose from Primary or Secondary Logo in the dropdown (logos are housed in Association > Association Settings)

  • The chosen logo appears on a white background so make certain to choose a logo that will appear correctly in the modal and on the follow-up emails

Make Survey Active

Initial Activation

To begin collecting responses, toggle to Active in the top right corner of the NPS page.


If an Inactive NPS survey is made Active again after previously sending surveys, a pop-up will appear. The pop-up will include a checkbox (see image below).

  • Checking the box indicates that you want to re-queue all emails to be sent again, effectively restarting the survey process.

  • If the checkbox is not checked, the previously sent emails will not be resent.

Viewing and Managing NPS Responses

From the NPS Section

Navigate to Members > NPS in the sidebar of the Novi backend.

All captured responses will populate on the Scores tab, with the most recent scores at the top. Responses can be filtered by:

  • Score Range

  • Score Period (Last 365 Days, Last 30 Days, etc.)

  • Date Range

  • Member Type(s)

  • Member(s)

  • Score Status (Sent, Answered, etc.; Ignored will be excluded by default)

From the Member Record

A badge is visible on records with the most recent NPS score received from that person. Note: For company records, this badge will be the average of the most recent scores of individuals in the family tree.

Click on the badge to see all NPS scores received from an individual including additional feedback.

Scores can also be viewed by going to the Engagement tab on the record and clicking the NPS sub-tab.

In List Views

The gear icon (found at the top right of lists on the backend) allows admins to adjust the display columns related to that list's information. The available columns under the gear icon are grouped in sections that are collapsed by default.

Anywhere the "Activities & Engagement" section is available under the gear icon, you will see these columns available:

  • Last NPS Score (only displays for people)

  • Last NPS Date

  • Last NPS Feedback

  • Average NPS (only displays for companies)

When and How to "Ignore" a Response

Occasionally, individuals may select an NPS score by mistake. For example, a member meant to close the survey from their email but accidentally clicked an NPS of '5' while closing. Another example is an individual in the Novi group who was sent the survey in error and has since been removed from that group.

When there is genuine reason to believe a score should not be included in calculation of the overall NPS score, admins can choose to 'ignore' the score.

  • Note: This will not remove the score or feedback from the NPS section, but will remove this score from the overall NPS calculation.

To ignore a score:

  1. Find the score either by going to Members > NPS in the sidebar of the Novi backend, or to the specific individual's record in Novi (then go to the Engagement > NPS tab).

  2. In the Action column, click the drop-down arrow and select the "Ignore" option.

To unignore a score:

If you find that a score was ignored in error, you can reverse it by following these steps:

  1. Find the score either by going to Members > NPS in the sidebar of the Novi backend, or to the specific individual's record in Novi (then go to the Engagement > NPS tab).

  2. Use the Filter to include ignored scores - update "Score Status" to include the "Ignored" option.

  3. Once you find the score, click the "Un-Ignore" option in the Action column drop-down.

Follow-Up Tasks

If a staff member from your team would like to reach out to people who submitted an NPS score, follow-up tasks for admins can be set for each of the score ranges in the NPS Settings.

In the example screenshot below, follow-up tasks are automatically created and assigned to admin Elsa Frozen any time someone submits an NPS score within the range of 0-6:

When a follow-up task is created it will appear on the Activity Timeline of the person's record, as well as in Members > Task Center in the sidebar of the Novi backend.

In the example screenshot below, Ned Flanders submitted an NPS score of 6 so the system created a follow-up task and assigned it to Elsa Frozen (based on the setting above):

Items of Note

  • When impersonating a user as an admin, NPS score submissions will be prevented. The NPS will be snoozed to be re-displayed to the user at another time.

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