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What's New at Novi: Late February 2024
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Novi AMS regularly releases new enhancements - check out what's new below!

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📌 Upcoming Trainings

Novi offers free trainings regularly on website content, events, reports, and transactions. These trainings are a great way to refresh your Novi skills, and they are also a fantastic way for new teammates to familiarize themselves with Novi!

🌴 Novi Summit is February 28 - March 1

Novi Summit is this week! Attendees should have received your Know Before You Go email, but if you have questions please let us know at or via the blue bubble!

What's New at Novi: Late February 2024

Ecommerce Updates

💗 Donations Can Be Recurring with Variable Amounts

Allow members to determine their own donation amount using Novi's subscription functionality - a wonderful way to let members to make those donations without the pressure of having to remember to go donate!

💡Learn More: Ecommerce Subscriptions

🛒 Ecommerce Invoices Display Name of Purchaser in Message Area

Accountant and bookkeepers can quickly see who purchased items on an Ecommerce invoice by looking at the message on the invoice, allowing the members' accounting teams to go right to the source if questions arise!

🥇 Member Pricing Displays First in Ecommerce Store

Members can see the value of their membership when member pricing is listed first in the Ecommerce store...and non-members can see the member pricing they are missing out on by not joining the association!

💡Learn More: Ecommerce Sales Report

Event Updates

😃 Event Custom Fields Default to Show in Event Attendee List

Custom fields that are set to show in Events no longer have to be marked with "Attendee List" to display as an option in an event's List View: event custom fields will default to show as an option. Don't forgot to add the custom field to the ticket's Attendee Form if you need that data!

📝 Keep Internal Notes in Novi About Past Event Details

Did the event venue go above and beyond expectations? Were there areas of improvement that need noted for next year? Jot down events' internal notes in Novi! Only admins can see and edit the internal notes and it's a fantastic way to ensure the team has access to needed data when the time comes to plan the next event! The notes can be pulled into custom event reports, too!

💡Learn More: Create an Event in Novi

Directory Updates

🔍 Review Emails Sent Via the Member-to-Member Contact Form

When the Member Directory Contact Form is enabled on a Novi site, it allows members to send an initial email to one another while masking the recipients' emails from the sender - but what kind of content is the sender sending? This feature allows admins to review the content and also provides admins with data on how often members are connecting...a great feature for potential non-dues revenue options!

Membership Updates

🌎 Dues Rules Offer "Shipping Country" as Condition

Shipping country is now a default option in dues rules conditions for associations who calculate dues based on country. Your Novi site must have countries displayed for this condition to show - contact us for more information if needed!

💡Learn More: Setting Up Dues Rules

Functionality Updates

🔙 Unique Filtered Links & Maintain Filters When Moving Between Pages

Event, Products, and Group categories have their own unique URLs to allow bookmarking by categories for quick referencing!

Additionally when setting the filter in these areas and then navigating to a specific product/event/group/member, going back to the main page will now maintain the filters to help you more easily pick back up where you left off*!

❗️*The Back functionality requires using the browser's Back button to return to the filtered view.

📣 Primary/Billing Contact Assigned as Part of API Feed

The API feed between Novi sites will now sync and assign the Primary and Billing Contacts on the records being synced into another Novi site.

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