If you are a new staff member of an association using Novi AMS, welcome to the team! First and foremost, if you don't already have access to the database as an admin, ask your supervisor to follow the steps in this article to get you setup.

Available Resources for Training

  • Previously recorded trainings - We record all onboarding trainings and provide the links to your team. Please speak with someone from your organization about getting access to those.
  • Group Onboarding Trainings (as available) - Some of the onboarding trainings are held in a group setting. You are free to join those at any time. Upcoming training sessions, with a link to register, can be found at https://hq.noviams.com/events/novi-group-training-sessions. Anyone new or wanting to brush up can jump in!
  • 400+ Educate articles (like the one you're reading now!). Add http://help.noviams.com to your bookmarks for easy access.
  • Intercom - Our internal messaging system for when you have questions. See article below.
  • 1:1 Training or Workshops - If your team is looking for hourly personal training or workshop time with one of our team members, you can view more information on 1:1 time here!
  • Annual Users Conference - Ask your Novi rep for more details.

AE Tip: Every association uses Novi in a slightly different way, so always be sure to reference your internal process documentation in addition to these articles.

Before moving on, you may want to learn some of the basic terminology first.


Recommended Reading

Novi Support

  • Reporting Bugs - Learn how to help the Novi AMS support team resolve issues quickly.

Novi Admin (Backend)

  • Merge Members in Novi AMS - Learn how to merge a company or person in Novi AMS, and when it's more appropriate to merge directly in QuickBooks.
  • Create a New Product - Learn how to create a product in Novi or import an existing product from QuickBooks.


  • Event Ticket Setup - Learn how to create and customize event tickets for attendee registrations.

Website (Frontend)

Accounting & QuickBooks Online

  • Purchaser vs Billable Party - Learn the difference between the Purchaser and the Billable Party when creating transactions (invoices & sales receipts).


  • MailChimp and Novi AMS Integration Overview - Find in depth information on this sync and the answers to our most frequently asked questions including how to create campaigns, how to locate groups in MailChimp and more!

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