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Getting Started: A Guide To Reports & Groups
Getting Started: A Guide To Reports & Groups
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Learning a new software system can seem a little overwhelming, but hopefully a little exciting too. We've created a "Getting Started" guide for each section of the system so that you can feel comfortable navigating Novi in no time.

Should you have any questions, we're only a click of the "blue bubble" away (bottom-right).

We're excited to have you as part of the Novi fam! And with that, let's dive in!

Reports & Groups


First things first in harnessing the power of your data, you'll want to determine if you need to create a report or a group. Are you wanting to export specific details about your membership (a report), or do you need to identify a specific subset of your membership (a group)?


To view and update your existing groups or add a new group, from the backend left navigation, under Members click Groups. You can view the complete list of your groups and each of their details, such as the number of members and beneficiaries receiving benefits from the group, and the status of any active syncs. To create a group, click the button Add Group at the top right.

Enhanced Member Engagement Using Groups

Groups provide flexibility to how you can communicate and provide exclusive benefits to members. Examples of features available with Groups include:

  • Directories: Build a unique Directory listing for a specific group of members (or non-members).

  • Members-only Resources: Lockdown specific pages, blog categories, or Novi Secure Files to be viewable only by logged-in members with benefits, and provide exclusive member pricing for event tickets and products.


Novi has a selection of pre-built reports to help you filter, pull and visualize your data quickly. From the backend left navigation, under Reporting you will find the following Novi reports:

  • Event Comparison to view a side-by-side comparison of event performance

  • Ecommerce Sales to view sales data for Ecommerce transactions sold within Novi AMS (this includes items from your Ecommerce store, Product Add-ons, and Event Add-ons)

  • Item Sales to view sales data from QuickBooks combined with Membership Details from Novi AMS

  • Member Engagement to track your members' event and product purchase activity

  • Membership Change Summary to report on your membership trends over time

  • Add Report to track your membership growth

  • Drop Report to track your members who dropped or expired

  • Transactional Email Log to review the deliverability and open/clicks of transactional emails sent from Novi

  • Email Sync to view and manage emails that are synced from Novi to MailChimp and/or Constant Contact

  • Set of Options to report on your 'set of options' Custom Fields, including Areas of Expertise

  • Activity Report to pull members' activities, tasks, and CEUs all in one place

  • Committee Terms for a glimpse at committee terms across all records

  • Audit Log to track database changes by date, user, value, and more (a great tool for troubleshooting)


For those times when you need to build a unique report, Novi enables you to create Custom Reports. To start, click Custom Reports under Reporting, then begin a new report by clicking Add Membership Report, or from the drop-down menu select to create an Event Management or Event Attendance report. With close to 2,000 fields available to query for your reports, defining your report as Membership or Event makes it easier for you to find the fields you need.

Don't forget to use Report Categories to keep your reports organized. Create a category and from your custom reports list, you can quickly filter your reports by category.

Want to share your report results? You can:

Reports & Groups 101

Articles - here are some basic articles we recommend that you review to help you perform some of the more common actions within Novi:

Novi Roundtables - hear from your Novi peers about tips and best practices:

Reports Training (1 hour) - if you haven't already, be sure to learn the basics by attending this training one of two ways:


Reports and Groups are robust tools and powerful for membership management. Novi is always adding to our resource library, but below are additional articles to help with some deep dives into reporting and groups:

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