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Ecommerce Product Fulfillment & Shipping Settings
Ecommerce Product Fulfillment & Shipping Settings

Learn more about the available options to set shipping rates and ways to include shipping on your ecommerce products

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In Novi Ecommerce, you can manage fulfillment options, including enabling shipping rates and costs for your products. These rates are set and calculated based on a universal shipping rate that you set and the weight per product.

This article covers how to manage these settings and how you may consider the fulfillment of your products.

How to Set Up Fulfillment Options

From the backend, click the gear icon to open your Association Settings. Add your organization's fulfillment information to the Ecommerce tab:

  • Allow Pickup - Select this option if you wish to offer pick up at your location.

  • Show Address - Show or hide your Shipping address

How To Set Up Shipping Information

Select 'Allow Shipping' box to add your organization’s Shipping rate information:

  • Shipping Cost Per Pound: This is the universal rate used to calculate the shipping cost for each product. With this set, the shipping for each product is the Shipping Cost Per Pound multiplied by the product details Shipping Weight. Note: If you choose not to add a shipping weight to a specific product, no shipping cost will be calculated for that product.

  • Minimum Shipping Cost: This allows you to set a minimum shipping rate for all shipped product purchases. The minimum will be added to the product checkout cart when the shipping cost calculation is below the amount.

  • Shipping Method Information: This area has formatting capabilities to emphasize your shipping details on the front end.

  • Shipping Item & Class: The QuickBooks Item & Class to connect money collected from shipping to.

How To Charge Shipping For Products

With your rates set in Association Settings, you can add shipping costs to products.

To start, from the new product modal or details tab on a product page, switch the Requires Fulfillment toggle to 'ON'. Select Physical Delivery and add a Shipping Weight to your product's settings.

During an Ecommerce purchase, Shipping will calculate when the customer selects the shipping option as their Delivery Method.

The total shipping is calculated per product in the cart. This way, when a customer purchases multiple products you collect the shipping cost for each product.

If a Minimum Shipping Cost was set, it will apply as long as the total shipping cost per product is below the minimum. Once the minimum cost is exceeded, the total shipping will continue calculating per product in the cart.

Managing Shipping Costs

The Ecommerce shipping settings can be updated as needed from your Association Settings.

Consider some additional ways to manage shipping charges:

  • Do each of your products require a different, but consistent shipping rate? Set the Shipping Cost Per Pound as $1 or $.01 and use the shipping weight to calculate each product shipping rate.

  • Perhaps you have one or two products that require unique shipping costs? Consider building the cost into the price of the product. For example, a $10 product with special $2 shipping may be priced at $12 instead of using the sitewide calculations. Interestingly enough, studies show that consumers are more likely to purchase a product with "free" shipping, even if the product costs more!

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