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Developer Demo: Default Dues Payer
Developer Demo: Default Dues Payer

Learn how Novi's newest feature allows one member to pay for related members' dues.

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*Please Note: This feature was renamed from 'Default Dues Payer' to 'Default Billable Party for Dues' in January 2023. Therefore, if you're seeking further information about this feature in our help articles, we recommend searching for 'Default Billable Party for Dues' instead.

During this developer demo, we unveiled the Default Dues Payer setting and explained how it can be used to combine multiple members' dues on one invoice.

We also revealed how admins can edit Member Type display names specifically for directories, allow members to remove optional dues items from the frontend, and more.

(Psst... watch until the end for a sneak peek of some big changes coming to transactional emails!)

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Didn't have a chance to read our release notes? No worries! Here's a summary of other new features we've launched over the past couple of months:

  • Safer, Stronger Passwords: To enhance your site's security, users who create a new account or renew their password must meet stricter requirements.

  • Admin Page Editor Toggle: Frontend editing privileges can be toggled to Active or Inactive, allowing you to quickly view what regular users see!

  • Custom Transaction Messages: Messages on ecommerce and events transactions are now customizable through Association Settings.

  • TBD Attendees: Not sure who's coming to an event yet? Users can set an attendee as "TBD" and proceed with their registration normally.

  • QR Codes for Events: Streamline the event check-in process with QR codes on registration confirmation emails.

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