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What's New at Novi: Mid March 2024
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Novi AMS regularly releases new enhancements - check out what's new below!

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What's New at Novi: Mid March 2024

Functionality Updates

😃 NPS (Net Promoter Score) in Novi

Unlock valuable data about your association's member satisfaction levels with Novi's NPS feature. Conduct surveys to understand how your members truly feel about their relationship with your association and create actionable tasks to enhance member experiences and drive growth.

We invite you to join us at our upcoming live discussion about the NPS feature on Tuesday, March 26, at 2:00pm EDT!

💡Learn More: NPS

🔐 Require Members to Use Two-Factor Authentication

Admins can decide to require all members to use two-factor authentication when logging into their accounts as an added layer of security via Association Settings in the Association tab.

📮 Use List View to Display Order Number in Transactions Screen

Quickly review an Order number on related transactions and click through to the order itself when needed directly from the Transactions screen using the List View feature!

Reports Update

📬 Send Custom Reports Automatically on a Pre-Determined Schedule

While custom reports are available to select users via the Member Compass, this feature allows admins to email reports directly into the inboxes of those who need to see the data regularly.

Select the cadence for your report to be sent:

And then determine who should receive the report and in what file type:

Membership Update

🥸 Send Secret Application Links for Exclusive Member Types

If there's a member type with exclusive availability, like a trial membership, admins can send an application link for a member type that is not available on the frontend via a secret link.

💡Learn More: Member Type Settings

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