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New Features Added to Novi AMS & Other Recent Updates
New Features Added to Novi AMS & Other Recent Updates
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What's New at Novi: Mid-December 2023
What's New at Novi: Mid-October 2023
Avoid the Hassle of No Transaction Numbers & Find Education Credits in a New Sub-Tab
Track Down Unaffiliated Records, Uphold the Integrity of Your Credentials Field, and More!
Keep Your Member-to-Member Contact Forms Spam Free!
Start Polishing Your Website with the Novi Content Editor 2.0
Get the Best of Both Worlds — See QuickBooks Sales Data and Novi Member Info in One Spot!
Keep Stakeholders in the Loop with Non-Admin Report Access and more!
Continuing Education Just Got a Facelift and New Features. Here's Everything You Need to Know.
Customize your columns on backend list views, hide shipping details on pickup-only products, and more!
Track a member's tax exempt status, display effective member types in directories, and more!
Set a minimum amount for donations, choose physical or virtual delivery by ecommerce product, and more!
Enter 'Impersonation Mode' from the backend, fully customize your Event Policy, and more!
Impersonate Users on the Frontend, Pull Records Based on 'Effective Member Type', and More!
Build simple financial reports right from your Transactions tab, track progress on downloads, and more!
Streamlined Account Creation Process, Track Net Revenue for Event Registrations, and More!
Get Alerts for Unsent Invoices, List Non-Member Staff on Company Directory Profiles, and More!
Set A Default Dues Payer, Allow Members to Remove Optional Dues Rules, and More!
Collect URLs Through Custom Fields, Set "Unpublish On" Dates for Blogs, and More!
Individual Addresses in Directories, Set Custom 'From' Emails for Different Departments, and More!
Limit Parent Field By Member Type, Page Editor Toggle, and more!
Custom Messages on Event and Ecommerce Invoices, TBD Attendees for Event Registration, and more!
Customize Member Compass Message, Require Auto-Pay for Member Types, and more!
Introducing... New Event Registration Workflows and Other Event Updates!
Multi-factor Authentication and Activity Timeline Engagement!
New Event Registration Coming Soon, Novi Summit's "You Decide the Future" Features, and more!
Upgraded QuickBooks sync, Limited membership terms, New event workflows sneak peek, and more!
New Zapier Integration, Batch print all open dues at once and more!
Additional Spam Security Measures, Multiple Updates to Dues Invoices, and more!
New API Enhancements, Status Page, Novi Summit, and More!
New Group Event and Balance Conditions, Deactivate Custom Fields and Products, Verify New User Emails, and More!
New Activity Timeline Report, Unique Directory Sort Order & CEUs on Event Attendee Lists!
New Directory Profile Galleries, Updates to Managing Event Attendees, Manual CEU Tracking & more!
NEW! Create multiple online directories, qualify event attendees for certain tickets, add product invoice item descriptions & MORE!
Faster Batch Printing, Partially Paid Invoice Search ...PLUS an exciting announcement about your Member Directory!
Spice Up Your Workflow! *NEW* Email Notifications for Event Registrations & MailChimp Merge Fields!
New Add & Dropped Member Reports, Updates to the Recent Member Signups List, Temporary Redirects, & more!
Feature Products & Static Pages on your Homepage, New Report for "Set of Options" Custom Fields, and More!
NEW! Membership Change Report and Updates to Elevate Your Blog Visibility and Website Navigation
Enhanced Directory Filters, New Section to Manage Admin Users, Email Deliverability Tips, and More!
Give members more control over their staff lists, new Directory privacy setting, and more!
Allow non-admins to edit pages, new Group condition based on API Feeds, and more!
Add Instructions to Custom Fields, Member Directory updates, and more!
Company Member Directory Map View, New Location-Based Filters, and more!
Membership Promo Codes, Billing Contact Update, and More!
Managing Multiple Companies in the Member Compass, Novi Notes, and more!
Mobile View Navigation Update, News Article "Overview" Added, & More!
Constant Contact Upgrade, Promo Code Update, and more!
Auto Pay Discounts, Custom Field Options Import, & More!
Auto-Pay for Membership Renewals, New Renewal Notice Emails, & more!
Saved Credit Cards, Secure Trackable Files, and More!
Member Compass Revamp, Attendee CEU Reports, & more!
Introducing Activity Timeline and Task Center
Private Webinar Links, Last Login Group Condition, & more!
Updates to Email Syncs and Statuses, Improved Buttons in Member Compass & more!
Improved Login Page, Parent Custom Fields in Reports, & more!
New Product Sales Report, Conditional Event Tickets, & More!
New Locked-Down Ticket Verbiage, Updated Groups List Columns, & More!
Alphabetical Member Directory Option, Group Details Page Updates, & More!
Ecommerce Product Custom Fields Reveal, Groups Based on Product Purchase, & More!
Order Details Page New Look & Feel
Event Registration Login Prompt, Dues Recalculation Update, & Novi Backlog Review!
Custom Field Population, Product Updates, & More!
New Product Page Purchases List, Updates to Manual Links, and more!
New Member Signup Info, Updating Dues, Product Updates, & More!
Read-Only Custom Fields, Default Shipping Option on Checkout Page, and More!
Edit the Purchaser on Events and Orders, Limit for Members to Select Custom Field Options and more!
Multi-Select Custom Field Option Updates, Featured Listings For Select Member Types, and More!
Member signup reveal, Checkout conversion analytics update, Novi Guest information, Hide events from calendar, and More!
Create User Account When Creating New Record, Add to Calendar Feature in Confirmation Emails, and More!
Manual password reset links, updated email template refresh, and more!
Event Time Zone Update, Custom Reports Updates, Member Status on the Recent Signups List, and more!
Time Zones on Events, More Intuitive Email Fields, and More!
Let's Get Social! Check Out Novi's New YouTube & Instagram Updates, and more!
New Multi-Select Ticket Filter, Quickly Find Invoices Not Sent or Printed, and Several Product Updates!
New Member Creation Options for Admins, Differing Email Update Message, MailChimp Updates, and much more!
Group Event Tickets by Category & Other Exciting Product Updates!
Non-Renew Transaction Status, New Member Sign Ups Notification, Email Sync Updates, and More!
Easily Edit Your Headshots and Logos, Customize Your New Member Welcome Email, and more!
Member Compass Staff List Status Visibility, MailChimp and Constant Contact Updates, and More!
Membership Status Updates, Password Reset Details, Required Custom Fields, and Much More!
Updates to Event Registration Setup, Forgot Password Email, Merges and much more!
Event Editing Sections Update, Groups Based on Open Dues, & Much More!
Original Join Dates, Update to Transaction Information & More!
Company Profile, Member Type Expiration and Event Updates
Show Custom Field Values in the Member Directory, Additional Options for MailChimp/Constant Contact Syncs and more!
Updates to Alerts, New Non-Member Account Sign-Up Setting and more!
Member Directory Updates, Limiting Credit Card Fees and more!
Lots of New Features, Gemini Update and More!
Gemini update, attendee list updates and more!
Gemini Updates, Simpler User Account Creation, and More!
Gemini launch, Member-to-Member Communication, Updates to Individual Member Sign Up, and More!
Groups updates, Gemini update, and more!
Promo code update, Gemini update, and more!
Guest promo codes, mark members as unapproved, and more!
Dues Rules, Member Type Settings and a few other notable items
New payment processing option, disable product invoicing, and more!
Member engagement reports, featured homepage listings, and more!
Showcase featured items in a carousel, communicate major alerts to members, and more!
Changes to adding member records, automatic contact downloads and more!
Faster Attendee Registration, Default Billing Party and Additional Batch Actions
Updates to Ecommerce, Event Tickets and Prospective Members... oh my!
Continuing Education Credits, Updates to Groups, Reports and more!
Member Dashboard Views, New Options for Dues Rules and more!
Image Maps, Improvements to the the MailChimp API and more!
Featured Directory listings, Improved QuickBooks Sync and more!