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What's New at Novi: Early February 2024
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Novi AMS regularly releases new enhancements - check out what's new below!

Quick Jumps:

🌴 Novi Summit is February 28-March 1: Last Call!

Novi AMS invites you to join us for workshops, group sessions, roundtable discussions, and opportunities to network and connect at our annual conference: Novi Summit!

💰 Upcoming Roundtable: Non-Dues Revenue

Looking to increase your non-dues revenue in 2024? Join us for our February Novi Roundtable: Non-Dues Revenue!

Join Discussion Leader Christopher Dean, VP of Communications & Marketing at the Apartment Association of Metro Denver, as we review some successful non-dues revenue approaches!

When: Tuesday, February 13 at 2pm Eastern Standard Time
Where: Online
Cost: Free

What's New at Novi: Early February 2024

Event Updates

🥳 Bulk Register Attendees from a Group, Committee, Event
or Family Tree

Quickly and easily register group members, committee members, event attendees, or individuals in a family tree for an event with a few clicks of your mouse! One ticket can selected for the registration and admins select billable party options!

✅ Use Groups to Segment Attendees into Attended/Not Attended

Novi Groups can segment not only who registered for an event, but also who attended or did not attend an event! This is a great re-engagement tool to connect with members who registered and didn't attend, members who attended past events but haven't registered for upcoming events, and more!

😎 Enhance Event Agendas with HTML Options

Novi's Agenda Builder allows HTML-based updates, meaning admins can add additional content like website links to an event's agenda. This enhancement lets users click within the agenda item to visit a different link!

💡Learn More: Event Agenda

Membership Updates

🆕 New Dues Rule Condition Original Join Date - Days ago Provides More Dues Options for Returning Members

Expired members who return for membership can now have unique dues rules that apply to them using the Original Join Date - Days ago condition within dues rules. Reinstatement fee? Returning member discount? The choice is yours!

💡Learn More: Setting Up Dues Rules

Reports Updates

📊 Review Transaction Item Descriptions in Item Sales Report List View

Nuanced details about the items on the Item Sales Detail Report are available when using the List View to add in the Description column!

💡Learn More: Item Sales Detail Report

Functionality Updates

👏 Accidentally Deleted Your Content? Restore Previous Content Via the Audit Log

When content goes missing or gets changed and you need to bring back a previous version of the content, Novi's Audit Log has you covered. Click the "Restore Content" button to re-instate the content (and breathe that sigh of relief!).

🔐 Reset Two-Factor Authentication Option Available on Backend for Admins

Admins can now reset their own two-factor authentication on the backend in their own records under the Settings tab and by clicking the Reset Two-Factor Auth button.

🤝 For API and Handshake Users: Tax Exemption Reason Included in Member-Related Endpoints

The Tax Exemption Reason field has been added to the member API endpoints and is also available in Zapier.

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