Creating User Accounts
Learn how people will create user accounts on your website.
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A User Account in Novi means that an individual has both of the following:

  1. A record in your database

  2. A login (email and password)

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  • Only people have user accounts, not companies.

  • The user account is what allows them to log in to your website.

  • A person can have a record in the database without having a user account.

  • Having a user account is not related to membership status. (e.g. non-members can still log in, they just don't have access to information that's locked down to members only)

  • The email address used for each person's user account must be unique (though they can share contact emails if necessary).

  • They can update their own user account email and password.

Note: Most individuals who were imported into Novi during onboarding and had an account created during data import do not need to follow this step. Instead, they can go to the Login page and request a password reset using their email on file to log in for the first time.

For a user to create a new account, they would follow these steps: 

1. Select "Join" in the upper right of the association's website.

2. Click the 'Create an Account' button.

Note: The verbiage in the white areas seen here is editable, but the buttons are static and cannot be changed.

3. Enter Login information.

Note: All users must have a unique login email address.

4. Fill out Key Information.

Key Information consists of fields the association has determined should be asked upon signup. Other additional fields may appear in the user's profile to fill out at a later time (in the Member Compass) once their account has been created.

Please Note: There are different settings that may affect this process, including:

  • Allowing Non-Member Accounts: The association can choose whether individuals who would be considered non-members may create an account. More info on this setting.

  • Parent Member Labels: The field labeled "Company Name" and the description below the label can be customized to be labeled as something else more fitting for your association. More info on this setting.

  • Duplicate Detection: See the section below for information on how we help protect the integrity of your data.

Items of Note

  • The name and email address that was used to create their user account (in step #3 above) will auto-fill in their profile information (on the Key Info screen).

  • If you have the setting turned on to allow non-members to create accounts, they can also add a new company as their parent during this process.

    • The user will then need to fill out Key Info fields for the company's profile as well as their own.

    • In this case, both records will show up in your Recent Signups list and will have a status of Non-Member.

Additional Info

If the user's company is the member...

The user will only be asked for information about themselves and the name of their company when creating their user account. 

If a record does not already exist for this person in your database, they will appear in your Recent Signups for you to do one last check that this isn't a duplicate record.

For checks and balances, people who have management access to the company record will also receive an email notifying them that an individual has been associated with their company's account. Learn more about this email notification here.

If the company's member type restricts staff benefits to a certain number of staff members, they will be a non-member until you select them for benefits from the backend or a person with management access gives them a seat from the frontend.

If the individual is the member...

If the individual already has a member record in your database but does not have a user account, they will need to create their user account to create a login and password.

If no record is found matching the individual, the individual will not receive membership benefits.

For both scenarios...

Duplicate Detection

There are multiple ways that Novi works to protect the integrity of your data in terms of not allowing duplicate records to be created during account creation. Click below to learn about the ways!

New User Email Confirmation

Adding to the protections in place to protect your data integrity from bad actors creating fake accounts, Novi will:

  1. Ask new signups to confirm their email.

  2. Verify the new user account email address against existing, verified email domains in your database.

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