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What's New at Novi: Mid April 2024

Novi AMS regularly releases new enhancements - check out what's new!

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New features on Novi AMS are released regularly - be sure to review all that's new!

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Novi Summit

February 10 - 12, 2025

Tampa, FL

What's New at Novi: Mid April 2024

Financial Update

πŸ’³ Give Website Users the Option to Donate Credit Card Fees

With the convenience of credit card payments comes processing fees for merchants.

Admins can now determine if they'd like to ask website users to additionally donate a percentage of the total amount due to help cover credit card fees.

This is optional for admins to decide if they want to utilize this functionality and if so, how to display it to users (opt-in or opt-out).

πŸ’‘ Why Ask for Donations Instead of Always Charging Surcharge Fees? Learn More: Ask Members to Cover Credit Card Fees

Novi recently hosted a roundtable discussing credit card fees and introduced the donation functionality. Check out the link below to view the video!

Integration Updates

βœ‰οΈ MailChimp and Constant Contact Integration Upgrades

Systemic upgrades implemented by the Novi team to the MailChimp and Constant Contact integrations have allowed for faster processing and syncing times overall! These upgrades additionally allowed us to release several new exciting features.

πŸ”„ Quickly Sync and Review Emails Via the Email Sync Report

The newly launched Email Sync Report offers a variety of useful email data, including: an overview of email addresses, which records' email addresses are synced, multiple records sharing an email, if an email is synced to MailChimp and/or Constant Contact, related Committees, Groups, or Events, and actions that can be taken.

πŸ’‘ Learn More: Email Sync Report


πŸ…Record Syncing Priority Levels for Duplicate Emails

The MailChimp and Constant Contact sync upgrades allowed Novi to prioritize which records' emails should be sent when duplicate emails exist within synced Novi groups.

Both platforms do not allow the same email address to be used on multiple records, so Novi established a cadence for which record to sync that prioritizes people's records over company records.

➑️ Sync Company Name and Job Title to MailChimp and Constant Contact

Another great enhancement to the Novi sync with MailChimp and Constant Contact is the ability to sync Company Name of Job Titles of persons in Novi Groups who are synced to the email marketing platforms.

πŸ‘Œ Review QuickBooks Online ID via API

A record's QuickBooks Online ID is available in the API, allowing customers to utilize and view this data as needed for integrations.

πŸ’‘ Learn More: Novi AMS API Docs


✏️ Internal Event Notes Available in the API

Internal notes logged in events can be accessed via the API.

πŸ’‘ Learn More: Novi AMS API Docs

Committee Updates

🀩 Batch Action All Committee Members Across Multiple Pages

Save time when batch actioning Committee members for term updates or event registration, as batch action now offers the ability to "Select all" in the Committee.

Ecommerce Updates

🧾 Ecommerce Invoices Display Custom Field Information

Custom fields can be added to product purchases, and admins can select if custom fields should be displayed on the invoice! If displayed, custom field information will show on the line item, and multiple custom fields can be shown.

⬆️ Increase Existing Subscription Prices at Renewal

Existing subscriptions can now be priced higher, so at renewal, the price is increased without members needing to re-subscribe at a higher price point.

πŸ’‘ Learn More: Subscription Renewals​

πŸ“¬ Generate Subscription Renewal Invoices X Days Before Renewal & Opt to Auto-Send Subscription Renewal Emails

Similar to dues, subscriptions can now be auto-renewed x amount of days before the subscription renewal date - on a date determined by the association (x days before renewal). Admins can also set a cadence to notify subscribers that they will auto-renew of x days before auto-renewals.

In addition, associations can turn on a Subscription Renewal Email that includes pricing, subscription dates, and payment information.

πŸ’‘ Learn More: Subscription Renewals

πŸ” Search the Orders Screen by Transaction Number

Quickly locate orders based on their transaction number directly in the Orders screen! Orders can also be searched by order number, purchaser name, or event name.

πŸ’‘ Learn More: Processing Ecommerce Orders

πŸ–‡οΈ Page Filter for Active/Inactive Promo Codes and Dates

The promo code page defaults show only active promo codes, and admins can use the Filter button to filter to find inactive promo codes or show any status. Admins can also filter to see promo codes available during specific periods.

πŸ’‘ Learn More: Adding and Setting Up Promo Codes

Event Updates

πŸ₯³ You Decide 2024: Event Tabs are Here

Attendees of Novi's 2024 Summit conference voted on features they'd like to see made a reality - and although this feature didn't win the top spot...we still made it a reality!

Admins can now enable tabbed layouts within events and use default or configured tabs to easily share event details with members!

πŸ’‘ Learn More: Event Details Tabbed Layout

πŸ“ Event Notes Offers Content Editor Functionality

Internal-only event notes can be stylized and formatted using the Content Editor to create robust notes for review!

πŸ’‘ Learn More: Create an Event in Novi

πŸ’Œ Event Reminder Emails Contain Robust Event Details

Event reminder emails now include all relevant event info, including: ticket confirmation details, event details, QR codes when applicable, and a link to the association's event policy to give attendees the needed information for the upcoming event.

🎟️ Show Related Contacts' Event Registrations

Users who are the Primary Contact, Billing Contact, or have management access can opt to see the event registrations of those they manage in the My Events section of their Member Compass by clicking the checkbox for Show Related Registrations.

Functionality Updates

πŸ“Œ Task Assignees Alerted with Notification Emails

When tasks are assigned to admins, an email will be sent to the assignee notifying them of the task and the due date of the task. Reminder emails will be sent 1 day before the task is due, when a task is 1 week overdue, and every Monday up to 28 days overdue.

πŸ’‘ Learn More: Using the Task Center

πŸ‘€ Customize Verbiage Displayed on Restricted Content Page

In Association Settings under the Static Content tab, admins can customize verbiage that displays to website users visiting a page they don't have access to. Note that this is a universal application for all Restricted Content pages.

πŸ’‘ Learn More: A Guide to Association Settings

βœ… Manage Status Dropdown on Pending Records for Quick Action

Admins can take action on pending records directly with options to Approve, Move to Prospect, and Deactivate. These actions can also be taken from the Recent Signups screen.

❗️Notification When Person Connected to Auto-Pay Leaves Company

If the person who opted into auto-pay on behalf of a company is removed from the company's family tree, auto-pay will be turned off for that company's membership. The company will still auto-renew at the appropriate time if applicable, but auto-pay will be off.

Management access users will be notified that auto-pay has been disabled but can be re-opted in at the next renewal time.

πŸ’‘ Learn More: Auto-Pay for Membership Renewals

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