Customizing Your Website with the Novi CMS
This is the backbone that drives an Association's front end website.
Getting Started
Novi Website Themes
Add a New Page to Your Website
Updating Your Website's Homepage
Updating Your Website Navigation
Formatting Website Content on the Frontend
Featured Image Best Practices
Copy & Paste Content onto Your Website
Secure Files
Uploading Files to Novi AMS
Add or Edit Headshot or Logo on a Profile in Novi
Selecting the Appropriate Template for your CMS page
Change Homepage Image
Edit the Join Modal
Add Link or Button to Text
Add or Update a PDF
Add Anchor Text to a Static Page
Add an Image to a Page
Best Practices for Optimizing Images for Your Website
Stock Images
Instagram Feed Setup
Posting a Blog (News) Article
Editing Blog / News Content Regions
Formatting Event Details & News Articles
Characters to Avoid When Creating File Names (and URLs)
Can Admins Change the Font or Colors on Webpages?